Excellent Boarding facility

CIIT Attock is providing hostel facility to its students and staff members. The girls and boys hostels are both in best possible condition. The facility is available on first come first serve basis. Mess facility is available and is under strict quality control. Arrangements regarding recreation and entertainment have been made.

Free Transport

In CIIT Attock transport facility is being provided to all the interested students coming from inside and outside the city vicinity. The facility is also being offered to the Female Staff of the campus.

Fully Furnished Lecture Halls

Our lecture rooms are fully furnished; Best arrangements are made for our students to maintain a stimulating and inspiring educational environment. Project and multimedia media facilities are provided in the lecture rooms.

State of the Art Network Labs

At CIIT Attock, every student is automatically given a computer account and personal disk space, allowing access to central computing facilities and to the departmental systems. The open access computers are connected to the university’s network and so to internet. All the computers are available seven days a week. There is a printing facility for each lab user as well as at Computing Help desk. Students can get assistance with computing needs out of normal working hours in the open access laboratories. Staff prides themselves in providing friendly and expert guidance so the students can make use of most of the resources. The computing service web pages provide with much of the information needed o use computing facilities.


In CIIT Attock, a proper cafeteria is established where quality eatables are provide to faculty and students at reasonable prices. The facility is provided throughout the day without any break.


Prayers are held at our on-campus mosque that has a capacity for about 50 persons.

Co-curricular Activites

Like other campuses, CIIT Attock has clubs and societies that not only provide best moments of student life but also stimulate creative juices into gratifying self- expression of the students. The following clubs and societies are in action:

  • Bazm-e-Adab
  • Adventure Club
  • Computer Science Club
  • Electronics Society (CIITRON)
  • English Literary Society
  • Fine Art and Photographic Club
  • Sports Club
  • Telecom Society


In CIIT Attock its ensured that all security measures are strickly met. Security cameras are installed at various points to ensure a full security zone inside.